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    IRMA’s visit to Coastal Georgia

    Irma came and Irma went.  The worst part was deciding whether or not to evacuate.  For those that did, the traffic was the main problem.  So, you may be asking yourself, “Are hurricanes or tropical storms a problem on the Georgia Coast?”  AND the answer is – NO!

    While we’ve had two named storms hit in the last two years, we have been incredibly blessed.  Both storms left behind some damage, but as far as I am concerned, our damage has paled in comparison to what other states have faced. Irma gave us some flooding in low laying coastal areas, but it wasn’t bad considering we took around a four foot storm surge at high tide.  There are plenty of homes near the coast that are not even in a flood zone or in an AE flood zone (which is the best of all flood zones), so don’t hesitate to consider finding your perfect home in coastal Georgia.

    Below is a picture I snapped at the highest point during the storm surge. You can see the water is over this dock located on a river just off the intercostal waterway.